Kristoffer Velde in Lech Poznań. Łukasz Jarosiński: It will not be the second Keita

Kristoffer Velde in Lech Poznań has ultimately replace Jakub Kamiński, sold to VfL Wolfsburg. Lech in favor the transfer from FK Haugesund is expected to pay one million euros. Kristoffer Velde is to sign a three-year contract with Lech on Thursday. The 22-year-old Norwegian winger scored seven goals and nine assists for FK Haugesund in the previous season of Norwegian Eliteserien.

We are talking about Kristoffer Velde with Łukasz Jarosiński, a former goalkeeper in Ekstraklasa and the Norwegian league, and today a coach of goalkeepers of youth groups in Oslo.

BARTOSZ NOSAL: Kristoffer Velde is to be the successor of Jakub Kamiński in Lech Poznań. Does it have a chance to meet these expectations?

ŁUKASZ JAROSIŃSKI: I know Kristoffer Velde personally because I trained with FK Haugesund in 2020. He is a fast footballer, well trained technically. He has excelled in his team and in the entire Norwegian league, but he is definitely not at the level to “make a difference” in every game.

Should we include him in the top 3 wingers of the Norwegian Eliteserien?

– At this point, probably not, but based on his earlier flashes, I see great potential and an interesting future in him. But it may need some time.

The phrase “may need some time” always worries the fans of Lech Poznań, because on the occasion of several transfers they have already heard it and often it did not end well.

– My point is that this is a player who will develop, should be better with each passing month. I think that Maciek has so much experience that he will make him a player who can go far.

In Poznań, Lech fans used to say “Mr. Trainer Maciej Skorża”.

– Yes, sorry, I said yes with impetus, because in Norway everyone calls themselves first names. We know the coach from Wisła Kraków, but we were never on “you”, I went astray.

The coach didn’t ask about Kristoffer Velde?

– No, there was no contact from Lech.

Lech Poznań fans do not have the best associations with the Norwegian winger, because Muhamed Keita was a huge transfer misfire, he did not feel well here, a over time, he began to make accusations of racism.

– Kristoffer Velde won’t be a misfire. It won’t be another Keita because he is hardworking. I saw him stay after class and train extra, almost every day. He likes to work on himself, which is a big plus.

Is the transfer to Poland surprising in Norway?

– Here you mainly watch the English Premier League, and since Erling Haaland’s transfer to Borussia Dortmund, also the German Bundesliga. I think that Norwegian players find other courses more attractive, but players from Scandinavia will come to Poland from time to time. Eliteserien is constantly developing, a new contract with TV2 is to enter into force from 2022 or 2023, which guarantees the clubs a large financial injection. I believe that the Norwegian league is beating Ekstraklasa in terms of the pace of the game.

There is an opinion circulating in social media in Poland that Kristoffer Velde has a “difficult character”. Do you know anything about it?

– I will answer this: there was also such an opinion about me in Poland, and all because the coach did not keep his word and I said aloud what I think about it. In Norway, I am respected for my character and hard work. So I approach this type of opinion with reserve. Kristoffer Velde in Haugesund wanted to be the best, maybe that’s why someone thinks his ego is greater. However, if he has a good approach to work, and in my opinion he does, then I consider it more important.

Łukasz Jarosiński is today the goalkeeping coach in the youth teams of the Norwegian Vålerengens IF. The 33-year-old has one game in Ekstraklasa for Wisła Kraków, and he left Poland for Norway in 2012 after a short stay in Górnik Polkowice and MKS Kluczbork. In the Norwegian league, he was the goalkeeper of Alta IF, Hønefoss BK, Strømsgodset IF and Hamarkameratene (Ham-Kam), and in the fall of 2020 he had an episode at KÍ Klaksvík in the Faroe Islands.

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