Kroos confirms Arda Guler’s arrival and tackles Eden Hazard in passing

Toni Kroos has not hesitated to praise Arda Guler, the young Turk signed by Real Madrid this summer. He also talked about the new system set up by Ancelotti.

“Guler? He’s a great talent for his age. He’s got a great left foot. He’s got a great shot from the left and he’s exceptionally good technically, especially in tight spaces. I think He’s a very good signing, smart for the club, especially for the future,” Cruz said on the weekly podcast “Infach Mal Lupen”, which he co-hosts with his brother, Felix.

A Little Tackle for Hazard

However, Cruz warns that to be successful at Real Madrid, you must have other assets. “He has a lot to do here but you always have to be careful with big announcements, sometimes big signings don’t happen because it’s not always talent or technique that decides success, it’s physical too, each has its strengths , or his ability to handle the pressure of a club like Real Madrid.”

The German believes Guler can be successful at Real Madrid because he is ‘very open to advice, he observes and asks a lot of questions.’ He develops: “It’s always a very positive sign. There are often 17 or 18-year-olds who think they’re good and don’t need advice anymore. It’s not their case, it’s a very good quality. There are good conditions for success”.

, 4-4-2? There is a plan behind all this.”

Cruz also spoke about Ancelotti’s new system, a diamond-shaped 4–4–2 (with Bellingham leading), which has been replacing the traditional 4–3–3 since the start of pre-season. Is. “I think we don’t play it for fun. It’s clear there’s a plan behind it,” Kroos said. “It’s nice to have another option besides the 4-3. -3. That’s the system it’s designed for.” We’re practicing.” A little bit since the start of training and now we are trying to apply it on the pitch at match level. Then we’ll see how it works,” Krause said.

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