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Packed with reserves, you can win in Empoli. Not against Chelseanot in the Champions League where already a Milan much more proprietary than this he had struggled in Salzburg. It ends 3-0 and it is generous result for Milan, below for the entire match e sometimes even dominated. Leao in Italy is enough and advances, but in Europe he cannot win alone. At the end of the first half he makes a phenomenal number, which his teammates unload in the bathroom. You see more Krunic than De Ketelaere, the first hurts almost everything, the second continues to do nothing: together they miss the equalizer, probably provisional, given how it went. CDK continues to be a player of perspective, but Milan need it today, not tomorrow. Pegs makes the best move at 20 minutes from the end, when already 3 goals down, he thinks of Juventus and saves a glimpse of effort for Leao, Bennacer and Giroud. He sees himself Origi again, but it is very meager consolation.

Full of reserves, in Europe they are insured and bad figures on Tuesday it will not be easy to return the same pay to the English. Just as at this point it will not be easy to qualify, because it may not be enough to beat Salzburg at San Siro (who drew at Stamford Bridge in September). Qualifying for the round of 16 is not yet at risk, but certainly not a formality.

Beautiful Chelsea in a more or less experimental version (first time with the 3-man defense, despite Milan having only one striker), given the short time they have had so far. Potter to put together the pieces left by Tuchel’s unsuccessful start to the season. Name aside, the new technician of the Blues he has no magical powers and therefore he needs time, but the road seems the right one: the material is there, the ideas too and in the spring who wants to win the Champions League will certainly have to go to Stamford Bridge as well.

AC Milan lasts a few minutestime for a couple of lunges, needless to say Leao, but at 5 ‘Tatarasanu must already work to deny the goal to the right of Mount. At 15 ‘, Krunic and Ballo Touré are on the referee’s notebook, forced to be booked by the wild opponents. Chelsea are everywherewins all the head-to-head matches in the middle of the field and is even It is surprising that the English advantage comes only on set piecesbecause among so many worries with the ball in motion, theoretically that goal was easier to avoid, for example by avoiding leaving little Bennacer in the area of ​​the giant Thiago Silva: 3 consecutive corner kicks, 3 head shots all from the Brazilian former Rossoneri, a bit too much for any team, even less titled than the Italian champions. On the first, he rejects Tararusanu, on the second he deflects a defender, on the third the goalkeeper puts another piece: here, however, the ball returns to the field instead of going out to the bottom and Fofana he is the quickest of all to turn the colossal pinball machine into a goal.

The advantage gives Chelsea wings: Kalulu save a goal scored by Mount, then Sterling gives one almost comfortable and in the middle still Mount marks yes, but offside, after a beautiful action. Tomori often sweeps in the stands without worrying about aesthetics, Ballo returns Touré, that is a player too poor for these levelsDest seems intimidated and climbs much less than the absent Calabria usually does.

Milan is everything Leaothat a moment before the interval breaks the game with a pro-di-thu-sa play, penetrating like a fluid twice in 10 meters between 2 pairs of opponents. To be reviewed to be believed. Brilliant assist for De Ketelaere, who wastes with a soft and central shot. On the rebound, Krunic sends skyward with his left foot.

At the start of recovery, the one-two that closes the game: first the other ex Aubameyang under measure (missing Ballo-Touré, Tomori’s hole) then the idol of the house James (hit diagonally, on another mistake by the hero of Empoli). Half an hour is missing, but it is as if everything ends there: Milan never dangerous, practically never beyond half the pitch, only anxious for everything to end as quickly as possible, Chelsea sated and happy. Potter also changes a lot, on Saturday everyone will be back on the pitch.

Chelsea 3-0 Milan (first half 1-0)

Markers: 24 ‘pt Fofana (Che), 11’ st Aubameyang (Che), 16 ‘st James (Che)

Assist: 11 ‘st James (Che), 16’ st Sterling (Che)

CHELSEA: Kepa; Fofana (from 37 ‘pt Chalobah) Thiago Silva, Koulibaly; James, Loftus-Cheek, Kovacic (from 18th Jorginho) Chilwell; Mount (from 29 ‘st Havertz) Sterling (from 29’ st Broja) Aubameyang (from 18 ‘st Gallagher) Available: Bettinelli, Mendy, Jorginho, Pulisic, Chalobah, Broja, Zakaria, Ziyech, Gallagher, Azpilicueta, Havertz, Cucurella. Coach: Potter.

MILAN: Tatarusanu; Dest, Kalulu, Tomori, Ballo-Touré; Bennacer (from 27 ‘st Pobega) Tonali; Krunic (from 18 ‘st Gabbia), De Ketelaere (from 18’ st Rebic), Leao (from 27 ‘st Díaz) Giroud (from 27’ st Origi) Available: Mirante, Jungdal, Diaz, Rebic, Origi, Pobega , Cage, Gala, Coubis. Coach: Pioli.

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