KRUS: the rules of paying contributions by VAT have changed

From January 1, 2022, special bank accounts were made available, two for each Regional Branch of KRUS, one for payments for farmers’ social insurance, the other for health insurance.

Therefore, being a VAT payer and paying contributions for the social insurance of farmers or health insurance, you should replace the bank account number used so far (on the postal order sent) with the appropriate bank account number.

Payments to these bank accounts will be identified by the bank as a transfer with a contribution payment to KRUS, which will allow, at the time of making the transfer, to collect funds accumulated on the VAT account.

The transfer will also be made when the payment for the above-mentioned contributions will be made to the previously used bank account number.
In this case, however, the banking system will not be able to collect funds accumulated on the VAT account.

When making a contribution payment (transfer), remember to provide the ID of the contribution payer / insured person (UNO number), full personal data allowing for the identification of this person, because indicating only the name and surname will not allow the identification of the correct person in the KRUS IT system.

The inability to identify the payer (the insured person) will result in the necessity to return the payment to the ordering party’s account, which will result in the premium being unpaid.

Bank account numbers for farmers who are VAT payers, depending on the Regional Branch of KRUS and the type of insurance, are included in the table at:

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