Ksina Kate and Meghan Markle tinkered with the appearance? The plastic surgeon talks about side effects and lists them. “Acid”

Ksina Kate and Meghan Markle have been on the candlestick for years. Their behavior, statements and appearance are monitored and commented on. Many people think that both are extremely perfect, although it seems that Kate is more a favorite of Internet users and fans of the British royal family. It cannot be denied that, to a large extent, how they present themselves during public appearances, not only in terms of their image, results from court etiquette to which they have to adapt.

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A plastic surgeon comments on the appearance of Meghan and Kate

It is true that Meghan does not have to pay attention to the rules anymore, but when she represented the royal family, she and Kate could not go crazy with makeup. They focused on subtly emphasizing their beauty and used a really small amount of products. They focused more on grooming than makeup. And this one is very important and well-groomed skin is of great importance.

Could it be that they owed their impeccable appearance? Some doubts have arisen. One of the plastic surgeons, Vartan Mardirossian, took a closer look at the appearance of Kate and Meghan and decided that it was also due to the corrections in the aesthetic medicine office. He revealed that Duchess Kate used botox in his opinion and injected it into her forehead.

Some photos show that the right eyebrow is slightly lower than the left eyebrow. This is a temporary side effect of this treatment – he confessed in an interview with the magazine “Closer Weekly”, which is also referred to by the Inquisitr portal.

What about Meghan? This supposedly interfered with the appearance of her nose.

The bridge of the nose is perfectly done. The changes are subtle and natural, and the perfect surgeon must have worked on them, ‘he added.

Interestingly, a few years ago in the pages of the Globe magazine, several other doctors also recognized that Meghan was improving her nose. Surprisingly, they added that she may have gently enlarged the bust! Do you think that Kate and Meghan actually interfere with their appearance?

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