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As part of the cooperation broadcasts from KSW galas will be available on Viaplay in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands. They will offered as part of standard subscriptions, at no additional cost.

In Poland, broadcasts will be accompanied by a studio and commentary in Polish.

The first KSW gala broadcast on the Viaplay platform will be KSW 65, which will take place on December 18.

– KSW attracts die-hard fans, especially in Poland, and is currently the leading form of MMA promotion in Europe. The partnership with Viaplay matched perfectly with the number of events growing to 12 per year from next year – announces Peter Nørrelund, chief sports officer in the NENT Group, to which Viaplay belongs.

Next year, the number of our events will increase, the composition of our team and the number of European territories where KSW will be easily accessible will also expand. Cooperation with Viaplay gives us new opportunities and will positively influence the further development of the NSS. This is an important moment in the history of the Federation, which underlines our commitment to the development of the organization – comments Martin Lewandowski, co-owner of KSW.

– The Viaplay streaming platform is an amazing value for sports fans. We want to make KSW available to more and more people in Poland and Europe. I am sure all KSW fans will have a better viewing experience and will benefit from this partnership – adds Maciej Kawulski, other KSW co-owner.

KSW gala for 17 years at Polsat Sport

Until now, the main media partner of the Confrontation of Martial Arts was the Polsat Box platform (operating under the name of Cyfrowy Polsat until September this year). The cooperation was carried out from the first gal in 2004.

Initially, the galas were shown on Polsat Sport, and the most attractive ones also on the main Polsat. However, since 2012, broadcasts from the most important galas were sold in the pay-per view system, the price was usually PLN 40. After purchasing the access, the galas could also be watched on the KSW’s own internet platform and at many cable operators.

In recent years, the pay-per view model has become dominant, the last time the KSW gala was shown in Polsat and Polsat Sport was in the spring of 2019.

In the second half of last year five KSW galas took place (in the first half of the year, none were organized due to the outbreak of the epidemic), while this year – six, and the next one is scheduled for December 18.

Viaplay in Poland from the beginning of August

The Viaplay platform, belonging to the Swedish concern NENT Group, was launched in Poland on August 3. It has already started broadcasting the exclusive German Bundesliga football league (previously shown by Eleven Sports for several years), the Europa League and the Conference League, competitions in other disciplines, from mid-2022 it will show the English football league (from the mid-90s shown on Canal +) , and from 2023 Formula 1.

Monthly Viaplay subscription costs PLN 34 (the first month is free). The platform is offered, among others by the Vectra and UPC Polska cable networks, and at the beginning of September it was included in the offer of the Play telecommunications network.

In the third quarter of this year. Viaplay acquired outside Scandinavia acquired 286 thousand. new subscribers, the vast majority of which are in Poland.

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