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Launched a year ago, the Austrian hyper sports twin-cylinder dedicated to the track is updated in the 2023 model. Mechanical, chassis and electronic news for the 200 units of this limited series of 40,000 euros

October 26, 2022

Qhen it was presented in the summer of last year, it caused a sensation for its very sporty definition and dedicated exclusively to driving on the track. There KTM RC 8C it went on sale for 35,000 euros and the hundred copies expected were burned within five minutes with online reservations.

KTM repeats the operation this year and does so by raising the bar a little more.
The units that will be produced they rise to two hundredthe price will be 39,900 euros and reservations can be made via the dedicated page.

C.as done for the first version, the first thirty buyers will get their own RC 8C 2023 in one special event (set for April 26th at the Valencia circuit) which will involve former MotoGP riders who will be tutors on the track. A team of KTM and WP technicians will be on hand to fine-tune the new bike.
KTM will arrange accommodation, food and logistical aspects for the transport of the motorcycle from Austria to Spain, and subsequently to the relevant dealer.

M.a we come to the 2023 model. It starts with the engine LC8c inherited from the Duke 890R, evolved and developed for the trackthen there is an updated electronic package, solutions to contain the weight and quality components.

The increase in power was 7 horses: now I’m 135 hp at 11,000 rpm and the pair is of 98 Nm at 8,250 turns. The increase was achieved with valves and connecting rods in titanium and with pistons to two segments which also raised the compression ratio.

M.updated i throttle bodies and change the fuel pump to increase the pressure in the circuit. The increase in the preload of the springs of the clutch and the elimination of the countershaft higher, by modifying the one in the crankcase, they have increased reliability and a oil cooler Pankl.

THEThe dry weight has been reduced to 142 kg. Interventions such as the exhaust system contributed to the slimness Akrapovič in titanium. The suspension set-up is new WP Pro Components which provides a softer calibration than the previous one.

Built with the collaboration of the specialist Krämer Motorcyclesthe RC 8C of 2023 is one ready track very specialized. Customizations also concern adjustments for the steering head, the offset of the triple tree CNC machined from solid, the throttle response and the modulation of the Brembo Stylema calipers with RCS19 Corsa Corta master cylinder.

R.innovated the dashboard with GPS data acquisition and the gearshift is reverse type and with Quichshifter + racing.

There livery this time it is black based, instead of orange, while the aerodynamic appendages derive from the MotoGP experience of the KTM teams.

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