Kuiab City Hall | Kuiab City Hall seeks approved candidates for the role of Teacher and ASG

The City of Cuiabá invites 6 candidates approved in the expedited selection process for a temporary contract for the provision of services for a fixed period and the formation of the Preliminary Registration Number 009/2022/GS/SME of the Municipal Education Department ( SME ), General Services Assistant (TMIE – ASG) role for positions as Education Teachers, English Teachers, and Maintenance and Infrastructure Technicians.

The candidates called must appear next Monday (18th) at 2:00 p.m. at the City Education Office, 292 Calle Diogo Domingos Ferreira, Bandeirantes district, to submit their documents and be assigned.

Candidates should read the notification carefully. If you do not appear on the date and time specified in the notification or do not submit all the required documents, the secondary recruitment will not take place and your candidate will be excluded. In this case, the classified candidate is called next.

The following documents (original and/or copies) must be presented and delivered pursuant to the notification: ID, CPF, Voter ID, PIS or PASEP, Reserve Certificate, Bank of Brazil current account (if applicable), Certificate of Residence, Diploma or Course Completion Certificate, Transcript (if high school), Entrance exam and negative certificate attached.

The city education department has informed that candidates who arrive late and whose names have already been called will be moved to the back of the calling list. In accordance with item 13.3 of the Notice, attendance outside of the calling hours will result in exclusion from the competition.

The event held in 2022 provided 1,980 vacancies for the immediate employment of temporary staff and the formation of preliminary registers at secondary and tertiary level. These personnel will work in educational units of the city’s public education network in place of regular employees. Temporary necessity for exceptional public interest.

Jobs offered in the competition are for Intermediate Level Libras Instructor, Libras Interpreter, Child Development Technician (TDI), Maintenance and Infrastructure Technician for General Service Assistant and Driver (CNH “D”) roles, and School Nutrition Technician. (TNE).

For occupations that require higher education, higher education technicians (nutritionists), teachers (science, art education, physical education, history, literature, educators), and specialized in professional education services and/or special education (AEE) There was a job opening for a teacher.

So far, 4,002 candidates have been called in 40 calls.

Please check the call notification below.


We are recruiting candidates who have been approved by the City Education Bureau (small and medium-sized enterprises) through a temporary service provision contract for a certain period and a simple preliminary registration screening.

date: Monday (18)

time: 2 pm

local: City Education Commissioner

– Teaching Educator, Teaching English and Maintenance and Infrastructure Technician, General Services Assistant (TMIE – ASG) roles

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