Kulesza met with Hajto, now it’s time for Nawa³ka. “We don’t go for drops” Polish national team

As we wrote a few days ago – Adam Nawałka never dropped out of the game for the position of Paulo Sousa’s successor. Neither when foreign media gossiped that he wanted to represent Kosovo, nor when Cezary Kulesza was meeting with other candidates. Nawałka is on vacation abroad and that was the main reason why he and Kulesza did not come into contact with him yet.

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“I do not want such a man to be the selector of the Polish national team. This disqualifies him”

On Wednesday, the Meczyki.pl website announced that both gentlemen are already saying the word, which means that they will meet later this week. According to the information provided by us earlier, such a meeting would take place on Friday or Saturday. However, we have not managed to confirm in any way that the date of the meeting has already been arranged by the Polish Football Association.

“We are not going to buy drops at the market”

The last days have been busy for the president of the Polish Football Association, there were a few more meetings with the coaches. Kulesza’s meeting with Fabio Cannavaro did a lot. It broadened the optics in several matters and this is actually the case with every meeting with a trainer. You can refer to certain matters, compare the vision, and ask questions. Even if they are social meetings.

This was the case of Tomasz Hajta, who visited the president on Tuesday and decided to publish a joint photo on social media with the annotation: “Promotion to the world championship in Qatar, president. Representation is not refused.”

– I posted this photo to loosen the atmosphere a bit. People are surprised why so many meetings, why Kulesza meets this or that. After all, the president has to meet, talk, ask who has what idea, how to play, what system, what kind of players, etc. These are important things. After all, we do not go to the store for drops, but choose a serious man for a serious position – tells us Hajto, a former representative of Poland, coach of Jagiellonia or Tychy, and now an expert of Polsat Sport. Hajto adds that he often meets Kulesza, because they have been good friends since working in Białystok and have maintained this contact for many years.

Paulo Sousa and Leo Beenhakker“We had this level of play last 12 years ago, when Lato was releasing Leo on TVN”

The former footballer points out that the selection of the candidate for the selector should be even more careful, if only because of what Paulo Sousa turned out to be in the “Trojan horse” squad recently. According to Hajta, whether a Polish or foreign coach would be better depends on the goal that is set in front of the selector.

Trigger or Urban

– Will it be a coach for one or two matches? Such a performance stimulus would be strong. However, if we put the matter in this way, only a man from Poland who knows this team will be suitable for this mission and will enter the locker room knowing what to do – tells us the defender.

In his opinion, the team needs a coach “who has balls, who can motivate the boys and will be able to put the team well, practice set pieces of the game, analyze the opponent and go to Moscow to win”.

– I cannot imagine going to Russia and being afraid. I commented on the matches of the Russians in the qualifying round, it is hardly known how strong the team is, the more so as they will be weakened by the lack of a few key players – reminds Hajto.

According to the commentator, good Polish candidates for the selector would be Michał Prśmie and Jan Urban. The first of them is unemployed after an episode in Termalice, the second is a trainer from Górnik Zabrze.

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