Kvaratskhelia report cards: Serie A discovers a jewel, fabulous assist for Zielinski

It is already the Napoli of Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian has already taken the stage, goals and assists for the new blue champion. For The Gazzetta dello Sport his performance is 7 in the report card: “Very interesting player, ideal for our championship, with that mixture of technique and physical power that from the left will put many defenses in difficulty. Some mistakes, yes.” Ignorant “in a good way, because we he puts enthusiasm and power, but Spalletti also needs this. Ah, the header, as a center forward. “

Half a vote more from TuttoNapoli.net: “He presents himself to Serie A having fun and entertaining the Neapolitans, just as happened since the first test with the amateurs and passing through Turks and Spaniards. At first he feels a little pressure, plays, then he melts and takes conviction in the dribbling and throwing himself in, as in the occasion of the equalizer, very important in a difficult phase of the game. He breaks the balance again with the assist for Zielinski for the 3-2 when Verona seemed to be able to create dangers. they open, Spalletti spares him “

7.5 also in the report cards of TMW: “Heir to Insigne and Insigne’s attitude: as an attacking director and always ready to fall back. A header, a novelty for Napoli’s wards. And the fabulous assist, with the three fingers and the right turns for Zielinski. The Series A discovers a little boy who at his debut already seems to have carried a good part of the fate of Napoli on his shoulders “.

TMW 7.5
TuttoNapoli.net 7.5
Gazzetta.it 7
Sky 7.5

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