Kyle Kuzma’s cash message on the French nugget: “This is a…

While he will play alongside a French player in the form of Bilal Coulibaly next year, Kyle Kuzma is increasingly looking towards France. Even more so when a very promising young French basketball player sent him an ultra-cash challenge, which the 2020 champion didn’t fail to respond to!

While Tony Parker recently entered the Hall of Fame and the French team will be one of the favorites to become world champions this summer, the future of French basketball looks bright as well. To understand this look at the final top 10 of the draft, with Victor Wambanyama and Bilal Coulibaly proudly representing their country for the Spurs and Wizards respectively.

While the former has been hailed as the messiah in Texas, his former Mets teammate also recently made headlines with some stellar performances during Summer League. enough to get praise from your leaders, with Kyle Kuzma, It seems the French Nuggets also have a weakness for the latter as he recently met with youngster Tidjane Salaun:

Kyle Kuzma Makes An Appointment With Young Tidjane Salon

I met him this summer, I shook his hand and he said to me: “See you in two years” ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ Yes, he is a goth!

The least we can say is that the youngster (18) is fearless. After all, Kuz is a former NBA champion and has played with Lebron JamesThat’s nothing.

For those who don’t know him, Salon currently wears the colors of Cholet in the BetClick Elite. The 2m05 winger, brother of French international Janelle Salon, was also able to speak for him during the last European Under-18 Championships, in which the Bluets failed to finish fourth. Averaged over 12 points, nearly 5 rebounds and two steals a day, the guy showed great things:

Tidjane Salon has talent, he knows it and he doesn’t hide it, not even in front of a solid NBA player like Kyle Kuzma. The Wizards winger seems to have appreciated the challenge posed by the young Frenchman and is therefore looking forward to him resolutely. Will see you in the draft in 2025 to see where he will be ranked!

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