Kyle Rittenhouse shot two people and was acquitted. There is a dispute in the USA. Biden: The jury has spoken | World news

Last summer, Kyle Rittenhouse traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, where the Black Lives Matter protests continued following the shooting of a black man by a white policeman. During the riots and fights with the police, a 17-year-old boy appeared on the street with a rifle to – as he later explained – protect the property destroyed by the demonstrators. During a chaotic night, Rittenhouse shot two protesters and injured one.

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Kenosha. Kyle Rittenhouse acquitted

The defense argued that he was acting in self-defense because he was attacked by protesters. However, the prosecution has brought him on five counts, including murder, attempted murder, and creating a public threat. Prosecutors portrayed Rittenhouse as “wanting to be a soldier” who had been looking for trouble during the protests. They claimed that he was responsible for creating a dangerous situation by aiming a rifle at demonstrators.

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A jury of 12 acquitted him of all charges. After the sentence was pronounced, Rittenhouse began to tremble and, with tears in his eyes, collapsed into an armchair.

“She is so relieved at what the jury has decided. He would like it never to happen, but, as he testified, he did not start it, said Mark Richards, the defense lawyer of the 18-year-old. The verdict sparked controversy in the US. Black social and political activist Pastor Jesse Jackson said the verdict posed a threat to all protesters in support of African Americans. The statement was issued by Donald Trump, who excused Rittenhouse immediately after the incident. The former president congratulated the man. “If it’s not self-defense, then nothing is,” he said.

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Joe Biden: The verdict will cause anger and anxiety

President Joe Biden announced that the jury’s verdict acquitting Kyle Rittenhouse should be upheld. “The jury system works and we should respect it,” said the US president.

He later released a statement in which he wrote: “While this verdict will cause many Americans, including myself, to feel angry and anxious, we must be aware that the jury has spoken.”

The verdict was criticized by Mandela Barnes, Governor of Wisconsin and Democrat candidate for the Senate. The politician saw double standards in this case. “We should expect the judiciary to be presumed innocent before being found guilty, but this standard does not always work the same. We saw many young people of color killed and tried posthumously, while Kyle Rittenhouse’s innocence was practically required by the judge,” he assessed.

During the trial, people gathered in front of the court – on the one hand, supporters of Rittenhouse’s acquittal, and on the other hand, those who demanded his conviction. Following the sentence, protests took place in several American cities.

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