Kylian Mbappé left 200 million euros in case of no extension at PSG

For several months, the world of football has been holding its breath due to a clash between one of the region’s brightest stars, Kylian Mbappe, and his management at Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). The key question in this sporting saga revolves around the 24-year-old’s contract: will he play another year with the team? If Kylian Mbappé does not agree to extend his contract, he will be exposed to a white season, Le Monde indicated this Thursday, 10 August, then his chances at major events such as Euro 2024 and the Olympic Games in Paris Participated.

The conflict has its roots in Mbappe’s refusal to activate an extension clause contained in his contract that would allow him to stay at PSG until the 2024-2025 season. Far from being a simple sporting question, the fight has huge financial implications. According to information from Le Monde, if Mbappe refuses to extend and leaves PSG as a free player in 2024, he will leave a hefty sum of around 200 million euros. A controversial decision, despite the Parisian club’s lucrative offer, which includes a gross signing bonus of €60 million, a loyalty bonus of €55 million payable in two instalments, as well as annual remuneration of at least €75 million for 2024. -2025 season, reveal our partners.

Is PSG fearing for their financial security?

If the sum is dominant, it is equivalent to a conflict between the player and his direction. Mbappe’s potential non-extension would mark the end of a fierce media battle. Mediapart notably, last time, revealed the existence of a “digital army” paid by PSG to discredit its player, while the club’s president, Nasser El-Khelafi, urged Mbappe to play with the professional team. Threatened not to allow, and are still threatening. If it doesn’t renew this season. And the club is keen to make sure that doesn’t happen following the departure of its executives Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos.

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Because, according to PSG, Kylian Mbappe’s exit “will have serious financial consequences, including layoffs”. In fact, the club fears for its financial stability should the player leave on a free in 2024, although it has already made provision for 80 million euros for the third year of the player’s contract with an option, and added to the wage bill. The decline Our colleagues say should ease these concerns after the departure of Messi and Ramos.

As the summer transfer market nears its end, the Mbappe soap opera may yet see new developments. The September 1 deadline is fast approaching and PSG have three days to submit their Champions League squad list to UEFA. Mbappe’s absence from this list could have a significant impact on the club’s campaign. Especially when speculation is rife about a possible secret deal between the player and Real Madrid, although Real Madrid have denied it.

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