Kylie Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner join forces. “It’s the first time I put makeup on my dad”

Kylie Jenner, Caitlyn Jenner
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For Kylie Jenner, makeup is all life. The celebrity not only adores him in every form, but also made a fortune thanks to the cosmetic empire. Whenever he has the opportunity to experiment with makeup, he immediately grabs the brushes and goes to attack. And as you know, it is best exercised with friends and family. There is a video on YouTube where Kylie paints… Caitlyn Jenner! You must see this!

If Bruce Jenner announced to the world that he was a transgender person and planned to change gender, fans did not quite know what to say or how to react. The Kardashian family also had a problem with this. The biggest shock was probably Kylie and Kendall Jenner. After all, they of the clan are Bruce’s biological children.

Bruce Jenner changed his gender, however, and has been operating under the name Caitlyn ever since. Initially, some clan members had trouble accepting such a big change. But now everything is back to normal and everyone is in regular contact with each other. Although there are many misunderstandings between them.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner keep saying to Caitlyn, “Dad”! What does she say?


The media has long reported that the Jenner sisters have the best contact with Caitlyn. They may not quite accept her transformation yet, but they certainly do not intend to abandon her. They visit each other regularly and even join forces. There is a video on YouTube where you can see how great Kylie and Caitlyn are in contact with each other.

ESKA XD # 015

In the 16-minute video, Kylie Jenner did something she had never done before. Painted by Caitlyn Jenner! It is not only a great moment for Internet users who witnessed it, but also for themselves.

This is the most important moment in my life. We’ve been talking about it forever… We’ve saved this special moment for you, because it’s my dad’s first make-up.

– said the celebrity.

Both girls had a great time, Caitlyn was enjoying her time with her daughter, and Kylie was in her element.

Be sure to watch the video and evaluate the effects. Maybe Kylie should be taking makeup entries? 😉

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