Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, however, RETURNED TO HERSELF? “They flirted and looked happy” (PHOTOS)

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott at one time they were considered one of the “power couples” of the American show business. Although it seemed that the rapper and the youngest from Kardashianki form a harmonious duo, their relationship unfortunately did not survive the test of time. It is said that the parents of the little one Stormi could divide the view on the issue of further family expansion.

Admittedly, officially Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott they have not been together for a while, but more and more often it is said that the couple could give each other another chance. The celebrity has repeatedly said that she still loves her daughter’s father, and he would appear in her surroundings on the occasion of birthdays or important events in the life of the little girl Stormi.


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The youngest of Kardashianek also doesn’t shy away from the company of Travis, which has just been proved once again. During the weekend the rapper celebrated his 29th birthday in Miami with a group of friends, and of course Kylie appeared at his side. The paparazzi managed to capture their frolics at a nightclub, where Scott was playing in the company of friends, and Kim’s sister smiled at him. The course of the weekend celebration was described in the magazine People.


They seemed close to each other and looked infatuated. They were still flirting and seemed happy. It looks as if they are still together, but away from media attention, not wanting to attract attention – claims the tabloid informant.

Kylie herself did not hide that she appeared at her beloved’s birthday, which only fueled rumors about their (another) return to each other. The same magazine, however, claims that lovers have not yet decided to take such a step and for now they are just enjoying the time they spend together.

Kylie and Travis enjoyed spending time in each other’s company even after they broke up. They are great parents and are happy to use the opportunity to meet. They also share a fun-filled life with Stormi, who has had to get used to being in two houses. Neither he nor she were in serious relationships after the breakup, so it cannot be ruled out that they will get back together – says the mysterious source.

Do they actually look like old feelings revived?


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