Kylie Jenner and what Tik Tok thinks might be going on with Kylie Cosmetics and Stormi

Every follower of  Kylie Jenner knows that the businesswoman is a specialist in creating excitement on social networks. His marketing mechanisms when something new is about to happen, at  Kylie Cosmetics, for example, leaves everyone confused. Something had to do with this that he stopped following everyone (including Rosalía). Action that has not yet been explained but that, judging by the last one, hides something that will not leave anyone indifferent. A few weeks ago, the account of her cosmetics and makeup line –  Kylie Cosmetics  – deleted absolutely all the photos from her feed and only left one (the one you see below) with a message of expectation very typical of the most followed businesswoman on social media. Best of all, we think we’ve hit a suspicious clue.


– The last to join life without filters is the one you least expected: Kylie Jenner



Considering that  Keeping Up With The Kardashians has closed the curtain forever, its protagonists already seem to be looking for business alternatives. Kim Kardashian, between law classes and collaborations, launches her own line of household supplies. Kendall Jenner triumphs with her award-winning tequila… But the one who seems to have set out to regain her billionaire title is  Kylie Jenner. It all started when, a few days ago, Kylie Cosmetics  eliminated all of her publications  to upload a single photo accompanied by the following phrase: ” Something big is yet to come .” A few weeks later we found this mysterious account, called  Kylie Baby and that, even without publications, it is already verified and accumulates almost 60,000 followers.


– Rosalía and Kylie Jenner: dinner for two at this exclusive Hollywood restaurant



The theories are many and very diverse: Are you going to launch a brand of supplies or baby clothes? Will Stormi have her own makeup signature in tune with her mother’s? Will your daughter be the future CEO of Kylie Cosmetics in less time than we expected? The latter is the theory posed by the majority of users on Tik Tok. However, we have to wait for Kylie Jenner to surprise half the world with the great and expected announcement.

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