Kylie Jenner Black Fishing

“Rachel Dolezal could play Kylie Jenner in the biography.”

In the movie the Pregnant One’s Mother showed her baby lump and stared at the camera, revealing her everyday appearance.

Kylie soon got a reaction on Twitter after people noticed her skin tone appeared darker than her natural color.

people accused her of black hunting, a form of cultural appropriation, and a black face resulting from deliberately wearing makeup, which is often a few shades too dark. Basically, this is where a white person tries to use makeup to make them appear black or mixed.

How many times do you have to say Jenner’s girls are just white. White mayonnaise. Not a bit of white people. Kris and Caitlyn are simple gringos. Kylie’s black hook is even scarier because it’s as white as it can get.

Twitter: @sgbuggs

The viral tweet referred to the controversy of former Little Mix member Jesse Nelson, which became popular last week after she was accused of Blackfishing and defended by Nicki Minaj:

Twitter: @ TwójDhad / via Instagram: @kylejenner

This is not the first time Kylie has experienced this kind of reaction. Last year alone, there was Accused Blackfishing and an attempt to copy Beyoncé’s appearance after posting these photos on Instagram:

Kylie didn’t respond to Blackfishing accusations, but we’ll let you know if she does.

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