Kylie Jenner boasts about her pregnancy belly! “Looks amazing”

Kylie Jenner
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For several weeks, foreign media have been reporting that Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child. Although for now the celebrity herself has taken water in her mouth, the rumors are growing stronger with each passing day. Apparently, Kylie Jenner is boasting about the belly of his loved ones. Their reports show that the pregnant star “looks amazing”.

Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy is the biggest mystery in show business. Foreign media have no doubts – the cosmetic magnate is expecting the birth of a second child.

For now, however, neither Kylie Jenner nor Travis Scott confirm these revelations. Foreign media is doing their best to obtain evidence. It is not easy, because the celebrity proved in her first pregnancy that if she wants to hide something, she can do it effectively.

In addition, the star surrounds herself with very trusted people. Kylie Jenner employees also have a duty of confidentiality. Otherwise, they face high financial penalties! And yet someone spoke up …


Kylie Jenner poses for Elle. You managed to hide the pregnancy belly?

Kylie Jenner is bragging about her friends’ tummy

According to the latest reports from overseas, Kylie Jenner is pregnant and it is already visible … People inform that the star meets with friends to show them a rounded tummy.

Kylie is fine. From the moment she becomes pregnant, she tries to slow down a little and rest more. Even so, she is very busy with Stormi and her brand. She seems to love it all. She looks amazing and she is very happy. She is excited about her little belly and shows it to her friends. It’s wonderful to see her so excited.

Portal informant reports.

It is well known that Kylie Jenner has long thought of siblings for Stormi. However, when she separated from the girl’s father for many months, no one expected that Travis Scott would be the father of her second child.

The couple, however, gave themselves a second chance and it is possible that in a few months we will have the best proof of it …

Kylie Jenner will have a son ?! Fans say they know the gender of the baby

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