Kylie Jenner Close and Accomplice With Her Darling Travis Scott on Instagram!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are happier than ever with their daughter. The two parents seem very close.

Kylie Jenner sets the web ablaze with a photo of her with Travis Scott and Stormi. The little family seems more united than ever and the rumors about the couple continue to grow.


Kylie Jenner has been talking about her a lot lately. Indeed, the youngest daughter of America’s most famous family has just made a big statement.

And this, during a special episode broadcast after the end of the last season of the family show. Asked by Andy Cohen, the 23-year-old dared to confide in her biggest complex.

And the least we can say is that it is now fully assumed. Indeed, the star confessed that she had long denied her lip operation.

The reason? She was ashamed of why she had turned to surgery. Eh yes! If the pretty brunette wanted to change, it is indeed because of a boy.

During his first kiss, the latter made him lose confidence in her. ”  I had really small lips, and I never thought about it until I had one of my first kisses and a guy said, ‘Oh my God, you kiss so good, but you have such small lips ”or something like that. From there, I felt that no one should kiss me anymore. “

A painful situation that the young woman had a hard time digesting. More determined than ever to forge a whole new shell, Kris’s daughter has made the decision to undergo surgery.

Today, she even seems to feel better about herself. So much so that his complex no longer takes any place in his romantic relationships.

Moreover, the star seems to have patched up with her former boyfriend. For some time now, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott seem more complicit than ever.



Last April, Kylie Jenner had also taken the plane with her former companion. Together, they had spent a heavenly weekend in Miami. And this, on the occasion of the rapper’s birthday.

A situation that had not gone unnoticed and which had quickly given rise to new rumors. Eh yes! Internet users are now convinced that something is brewing between the two celebrities.

A photo full of mystery has even just been posted by Stormi’s mom. On her Instagram account, the latter appears very close to the artist.

Dressed in a pretty white dress, topped with an elegant bun and adorned with her most beautiful jewelry, Kim Kardashian’s sister was unanimous in this outfit worthy of a gala evening.

But while the look did captivate her community, that’s not the only thing fans took away from this photo. Indeed, in the image Kylie Jenner leans slightly towards Travis Scott, closing her eyes.

A position that leads to confusion and which lets us imagine the arrival of a tender kiss. A nice little photo to celebrate his role as a father on this feast day. So cute!

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