Kylie Jenner compliments Travis Scott. “Smells like weed”

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are the parents of 3-year-old Stormi. Despite the fact that they pour all their love on the little one, it was different in their case. The crisis, to the satisfaction of the fans, has been resolved and the couple once again create a family like from a picture. Kylie has just spoken publicly about her lover. What a compliment!

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott they were considered a fairly harmonious couple. In 2018, the daughter of the couple Stormi Webster was born. Fans experienced a shock when in the fall of 2019 a celebrity and rapper. At that time, there were many indications that their relationship had ended for good.

Nothing, however, brought them closer together than raising their daughter together. The couple got back together again. They have even more affection for each other.

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During a recent conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, Kylie Jenner opened up about her lover. The interview was conducted in the presence of little Stormi, who was politely sitting on the celebrity’s lap.

At one point, the host asked about Travis’s smell. The answer of 23-year-old Kylie surprised not only Ellen!

She usually takes a shower in the morning so it smells like a fresh shower and fresh cologne.

Kylie replied, who added after a moment:

Wait, he smells like weed too.

The celebrity added with a smile.

Under the post, fans couldn’t help but comment, many of whom wrote that they loved Kylie for being honest.

She said she smells like weed, I love it.

I think Stormi also inherited honesty from Kylie, when asked who loves Stormi the most, the 3-year-old replied that daddy!

Kylie’s reaction?

The celebrity sighed.


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