Kylie Jenner counterattacks Barbie and bets on Bratz dolls bearing her image

Could this be Kylie’s response to Margot Robbie? While the Barbie phenomenon is always full in cinemas, Kylie Jenner is launching a collection of Bratz dolls bearing her image. During the 2000s, the famous collection of nonchalant dolls had become the number 1 competitor of the iconic blonde capable of doing everything. With their air of bad girls, the Bratz, with luscious lips and scruffy style, had kicked into the anthill of teenage toys. A spirit that the youngest of the Kardashian sisters wanted to highlight.

The limited-time collection features six different looks inspired by the style of the reality TV star, including the famous dress Versace with lavender-colored feathers that she had worn for the MET Gala 2019. There are also four black outfits including thigh-high boots, a short skirt, a crop-top or a slit dress. The latest look, signed Off White and that Kylie Jenner wore to the 2022 MET gala, takes on the air of a wedding dress with a cap-like veil. In a statement, CNN reveals, Bratz maker MGA Entertainment promised to release a “full line” of Kylie dolls in the coming weeks.

“I’ve been a Bratz fan since childhood and have always wanted my own Bratz doll,” the Kardashian sister enthused in the statement, adding that she “loved every step of the process of creating these dolls with alongside the Bratz team.ā€ For her part, the creative director of Bratz, Jasmine Lariansaid the young woman “truly embodies everything Bratz has stood for since its inception 22 years ago – from being disruptive and rebellious to energetic and expressive”.

Bratz, the anti-Barbie

To understand the Bratz spirit, you have to go back to the origins of the creation of the famous doll. We are at the beginning of the 2000s when Carter Bryant, employee of the company Mattel and designer of Barbie, offers prototypes of dolls to the competing company, MGA. Packed, the latter then offers a contract to Carter Bryant while asking him to resign from Mattel. Assistant to the success of the Bratz, Mattel will launch several legal proceedings against his former employee accusing him of stealing ideas. Bratz remains hugely popular on social media today, inspiring new generations on Instagram. Its strength was in particular to offer a range of so-called “inclusive” dolls, with more varied and “cooler” profiles than its competitor from Mattel.

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