Kylie Jenner, dripping with BLOOD, promotes new cosmetics. Did she encourage you?

Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner knows that nothing sells as much as controversy. Therefore, when promoting the latest cosmetics collection, Kylie made a lot of confusion. Attention! It’s for people with strong nerves!

Kylie Jenner it develops its beauty empire with incredible speed. Regular collections not only attract new customers, but also interest those who have been with her for years.

The celebrity did not even give in to criticism, who once said that Jennerka’s products are no different from those that you can get in any drugstore for a much smaller amount.

Kylie Jenner not only attach importance to the products themselves, but also to advertising. Of course, she is alone in the role of a model. So far, there has been little controversy when it comes to advertising, but this time it may be different.

Pandemic has beaten Halloween! Heidi Klum doesn’t throw a famous party

Halloween is approaching, which for many stars is a very intense time. Kylie has already shown some home decorations and now her focus is on Kylie Cosmetics. The celebrity under the banner of its brand started promoting the latest collection Nightmare on Elm Street, or Nightmare on Elm Street.

As for Halloween, it’s a name for nothing. : D

A short video promoting the collection appeared on the celebrity’s Instagram naked Kylie… dripping fake blood.

can you guess who we collaborated with this Halloween? 👀 Collection reveal is coming today @kyliecosmetics 🩸🩸

– she wrote under the video.

And how do you like the idea? Is it a hit or a bit distasteful? Let me know in our poll!


How do you like Kylie’s dark movie?

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