Kylie Jenner had a late night playing at the club. She forgot about the social distance!

Kylie Jenner

Author: Quibi/Ferrari Press/East News

Despite the fact that in many countries, Unscrew the securing there are restrictions on koronawirusa it does not mean that the virus is gone. You can still hear about new cases, so you should still be careful, especially while spending time with friends outside the home. About the same time, however, she forgot, perhaps, Kylie Jenner, the late imprezowała in a nightclub.

Kylie Jenner while the government USA ordered to restrict leaving the house, sat quietly and spent time at home with a small Stormi. When tightening the clamps a little tight, then went to a club with friends. She brought also a model Fai Khadręwho is a good friend of her sister Kendall. According to witnesses, friends and not only danced in a very close distance, but when you exit the club did not wear protective masks. In one word, completely ignored the situation.

Foreign sources also reported that Kylie spared sensitivity of the model, often hugging. The club went around 1.20 am. Before the event was pleased at one of the restaurants. Celebrytka she was dressed in a black suit, which consisted of a black long sleeve blouse and black skinny pants.


This is not the first time Kylie Jenner be damned, for the violation of social distance. Previously, fans had argued that it was irresponsible, meeting with a friend at home Stassie Karanikolaou . Girls added relationship, showing how having a good time, the isolation caused by the pandemic.

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