Kylie Jenner has a boyfriend and Billie Eilish has an image crisis. Are you following the stars?

A lot has happened in the world of stars last week. Kylie Jenner caught the attention of the fans. This time, however, it is not about another project, but a private life. The queen of the beauty industry has her king! That’s right – Kylie Jenner isn’t single anymore. At another big star. BIllie Eilish, less cheerful. The singer faces a serious image crisis. What’s up with the rest of the stars?

Another week is behind us! A lot has happened in show business. The stars do what they can to keep us talking about them. The biggest surprise of this week is Kylie Jenner. This time it’s not about another product on the market or another company. The subject of such great interest is the private life of a celebrity, specifically its emotional part … Kylie Jenner is no longer single! Who is her chosen one?

Big changes also with Billie Eilish. So far, she has achieved success after success, and her fan base has been constantly growing. And then suddenly … The first such serious image crisis. The singer’s fans wrote on Twitter that she had let them down. What is going on?

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You will find the answers to these questions in our quiz. There are also other important rumors from the week. Check yourself and make sure you didn’t miss anything important!

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