Kylie Jenner: Her Fans Unhappy to See Before and After Surgery!

Kylie Jenner got lynched by fans over a TikTok video that shows her transformation after cosmetic surgery.

Kylie Jenner shocks her fans! The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star has changed a lot since the show started. Internet users are unhappy with their addiction to surgery.


So many of you are always following the news surrounding Kylie Jenner. Indeed, the star of the most famous clan in the United States began a career in show biz at a young age.

And the least we can say is that fans got to see her grow up on the screen. But if she embodies the role of a confident young mother today, this has not always been the case.

Thus, the youngest daughter of Kris Jenner has a very complex personality. Moreover, the ex of Travis Scott has never hidden his transformations.

With the help of cosmetic surgery, Kim Kardashian’s sister was able to forge a new body. Nose, jaw, cheekbones. The star did not hesitate to go under the knife

However, there is a part of her face that she has long denied having remade. The reason? A complex that dates back to his adolescence. 

Moreover, the young woman has finally confided in the subject. And this, during an interview with Andy Cohen after the broadcast of the last episode of the family show.

”  I had very small lips, and I never thought about it until I had one of my first kisses ”  This is what Kylie Jenner explained to the reporter before continuing.

“A guy said to me, ” Oh my God, you kiss so good, but you have such small lips, ‘or something like that. From that point on, I felt unable to kiss again. ” 

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Neither one nor two, Kylie Jenner, therefore, began to apply makeup accordingly. But things were not enough for her, she decided to go to the pool table.

Today, Stormi’s mother is also far from her former physique. Altered everywhere, fans are in shock. So much so that they sometimes wonder if it is the same woman.

Over the weekend, a TikTok user by the name of @Delaylayy even posted a photo montage of the pretty brunette. And this, after having scrolled through all the images of the star’s Instagram account one by one.

According to the user, it will have taken him more than 20 minutes to reach the beginning of the publications of Kendall’s sister. Indeed, the first pictures date from 2011.

That is to say more than 10 years of memory to go. At the time, the young woman was only 13 years old and was far from the bimbo of today.

“  I went to the beginning of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram so you don’t have to,” the TikTok said on a video posted on the social network.

Shocked, fans immediately commented on the footage. “  She should never have changed, there is nothing unique about her now. She looks like everyone else. “

This is what a subscriber claimed regretting the repeated surgery performed by Kim’s sister. “She looks so young! Now she looks like she’s in her late forties, ”  added another. A big bad buzz that makes a lot of people react!

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