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As reported by foreign media, Kylie Jenner is in her second pregnancy! Celebrity and her partner Travis Scott are expecting their second child! As a close friend of the billionaire reveals, the 24-year-old is very excited about her condition.

Though Jenner has not yet confirmed these sensations, foreign media are probably talking about the pregnancy of a 24-year-old celebrity! As we read on the web, the mother of 3-year-old Stormi and her partner Travis Scott are waiting for second child! Jenner has been saying openly some time ago that she plans to start a large family and is thinking more and more about the next child. Could it be that time?

For several weeks, her fans have been suspecting her pregnancy, and they are closely watching the woman’s activities on Instagram. The blessed standing was to be proved, inter alia, by … the nails of the star! The attention of Internet users was attracted by the old manicure in Jenner’s new photos, which could indicate that the 24-year-old is publishing old frames online.

Foreign media quotes a person from the close circle of the billionaire, who was to reveal that Kylie is very excited about her condition and can already see her first pregnancy curves.

Jenner and Scott – a turbulent relationship?

Jenner and Scott, parents of 3-year-old Stormi, they separated 9 months after her birth, in October 2019 to be exact. Recently, however, the two are more and more often seen together, a Photos of Caitlyn’s birthday in Miami may have been a confirmation of their return to each otheron which they did not spare themselves their tenderness. On the occasion of Father’s Day their joint photography has also found its way to the Jenner online gallery, in the description to which, Stormi’s mother thanked the rapper for being the father of her child and emphasized that she was grateful that she “has him”.

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Kylie Jenner is pregnant? Fans noted a few important details!

Kylie Jenner is pregnant? Recently, the celebrity celebrated its 24th birthday. Observant Internet users say that thanks to the photos that the star published on the occasion of her holiday, they received evidence that she was expecting another child.

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