Kylie Jenner IS PREGNANT! Celebrity and Travis Scott will have a SECOND CHILD

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are expecting a second child! Rumors that Kim Kardashian’s sister and the famous rapper are expecting another child began to circulate behind the scenes some time ago, however only now the portal PageSix confirmed the fans’ speculation.

The fact that one of the Kardashian’s is in a “blessed” state shared with the media on Thursday Caitlyn Jenner. The celebrity boasted that she will have another grandson, without revealing the identity of her pregnant daughter.


Kylie and Travis They broke up in October 2019, nine months after the birth of their daughter. Since then, the billionaire and rapper have been seen together many times, but for a long time they did not address the rumors of her return publicly. In early May, Stormi’s parents showed up together for Caitlyn’s birthday party in Miami, on which they did not spare their tenderness.

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In one of the interviews in April last year, Jenner revealed that in the future she would like to have … seven children. The American admitted, however, that at that moment she was not yet ready to start implementing the ambitious plan.


Pregnancy is not a joke Kylie was saying. This is a serious matter and a very difficult experience. I’m not ready for this yet.

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