Kylie Jenner launches her cosmetics and makeup brand in Brazil

Kylie Jenner revealed details of the arrival of her brand in Brazil

Celebrity makeup corporations make a huge undertaking, with buyers all over the world eager to duplicate the looks and magnificence of their favorite artist. From Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner to the Haus Labs of woman gaga, it seems that every year a celebrity launches their makeup brand. However, now it was Jenner’s turn to launch her cosmetics and makeup brand in Brazil.

In an interview with Vogue do Brasil, the influencer revealed several details about her goals and the products she most wants to sell here in the country. “My goal was to present products that would help my fans feel more confident when using them – in my case, it was Lip Kits. I’ve always loved plump lips and never leave the house without lipstick, but I had a hard time finding lip liners and lipsticks that matched each other,” Kylie revealed.

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“I saw an opportunity in the market to take advantage of and so I told my mother about the idea of ​​launching a brand. With growth, I wanted to introduce new cosmetics that would help people feel good about themselves. And on top of that, I feel more beautiful when I feel confident, and I never feel more confident than when I do full makeup,” she continued. “I love transforming my makeup to improve my mood. I also want Brazilians to feel confident using my products to compose their looks, whether subtly, in a more natural production or with a very glamorous makeup!”

Asked about her lifelong experience with makeup products, Kylie Jenner answered.

“I’ve always loved makeup. I used to have a makeup routine that took three hours to do, but now that I’m a mom, I’ve definitely had to cut back on that process. However, makeup has always been very important to me. It’s my moment of self-care, I put on a song and take the opportunity to take care of myself. When I started doing my own makeup, it was a lot about dealing with my insecurities, like my small lips. Putting on makeup continues to give me a lot of confidence, and I’m so lucky to be able to turn my passion into a successful business by sharing my favorite products with fans.”

Still in the interview, the businesswoman revealed her expectations about her products that could be sold the most in Brazil. “My must-haves are the highlighter, the compact blush and, of course, the Lip Kits – and I definitely think that all these products are going to be a hit in Brazil! Our matte liquid lipsticks, lip gloss and lip oil are our best sellers and I hope the Brazilian public loves them too.”

In 2012, at age 14, Kylie Jenner founded his first brand. Along with her sister Kendall, the clothing line Kendall & Kylie was part of the PacSun brand collection. After that first experience, the artist’s main venture so far, her cosmetics company, was born. At the age of 17, she founded Kylie Lip Kits, initially focused on beauty products for lips.

A year later the company expanded its line to become Kylie Cosmetics, offering almost all types of facial beauty products. With good products allied to the name and image of Kylie Jenner the organization continued to grow. According to Forbes, in its first 18 months of existence, the brand reached more than $400 million in revenue. While her products were launched in Brazil, the artist and her boyfriend Travis Scottare enjoying a romantic getaway in Turks & Caicos.

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