Kylie Jenner needs a makeup artist for surgery. Why doesn’t she pay herself? Furious fans

Kylie Jenner and her makeup artist
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Kylie Jenner got hit on the Internet by her own fans and a large army of other Internet users after she encouraged people to donate money for brain surgery of her make-up artist. Almost all critics of the celebrity asked her one question: “Why don’t you pay for the surgery yourself?” See who makeup specialist Kylie Jenner is and why she needs money for surgery.

First, a few numbers. According to the rankings Kylie Jenner is the youngest American woman to achieve billionaire status. Currently, her fortune is slightly smaller than it was announced a year ago, but the amounts in her account are still dizzying. According to specialists from Forbes magazine, Kylie Jenner can boast a net worth of $ 700 million.

A lot, right? With such large amounts on the account, the star can afford every whim. Clothes and handbags for a dozen or so thousand, cars for a few dozen or houses for millions – for Kylie Jenner there is almost nothing that could not be bought.

Meanwhile, unexpectedly, the celebrity asked her fans to support her own make-up artist, who needs money for a complicated brain surgery. As you can imagine, all hell broke loose on the web.

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Make-up artist Kylie Jenner’s accident

Samuel Rauda I work as makeup artist Kylie Jenner. She is primarily responsible for celebrity makeup. In fact, all the photos of Kylie’s perfect makeup that we can admire on her Instagram are due to Samuel.

Unfortunately, the boy recently had a serious accident where he hit his head on concrete, causing internal bleeding and severe brain damage. An expensive operation is needed to save Samuel’s life and health, which is why his friends they organized a fundraiser on the Internet.

The goal is $ 120,000. A lot for the average person. But for Kylie Jenner… answer yourself.

Internet users did not leave on Kylie Jenner dry thread.

kylie jenner you better open one of your birkin bags and stop asking poor people to donate your own makeup artist 😭😭

Mr. Beast is giving out millions of dollars every year to strangers.

And here we have Kylie Jenner, who is a billionaire and asks fans to donate to her makeup artist who needs money for brain surgery.


– Internet users write commenting on the behavior of the celebrity.

On Sunday morning, people from the required 120,000 people collected over 97,000 on the collection account. dollars. So it looks like the surgery will be possible. Without Kylie Jenner’s help.

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