Kylie Jenner puts it on and you see that through the hole! Bomb picture and has hours!


Kylie Jenner has set a purpose for this beginning of the year: cleaning her closet. But of course, as her followers well imagined, the little Kardashian is not that she has a very common closet. 

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come through and chill 💛💙

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Quite the opposite. There are thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories that the billionaire accumulates in their closets. Perhaps that is why she decided to apply to herself that of ‘new year new clothes’.

However, as it is usually habitual whenever these things are carried out, it seems that Kylie has rescued a dress that has made it special grace. A little model who, of course, wanted to share with her followers.

The model of Kylie Jenner

Among other things because it is not exactly very conventional. As is customary in Kim Kardashian’s little sister, the design Jenner teaches us is one of those that leaves very, very little to the imagination.

And it is what better way to boast of tipazo than to do it with a very tight model in which, in addition, the vast majority of it is full of holes. Holes in which what is under is intuited. And of course, as expected, the publication has petado.

Everything that is to see the American showing off curves is something that is usually a reason for success in their networks. This specific publication has already accumulated more than 5 million likes in less than 12 hours. 



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