Kylie Jenner says she is ‘made’ to be a mom

Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner says she is ‘made’ to be a mom

The 24-year-old businesswoman, who has three-year-old daughter Stormi with Travis Scott and is now pregnant with her second child, admitted that watching her daughter grow was “the greatest” thing in recent years.

She said, “I have this feeling that I am made for motherhood.”

“Watching Stormi experience everything for the first time has been the greatest of these years.”

The former star of “With a Camera at the Kardashians” tries to be understanding and encourages other mothers to do the same.

She said, “Don’t be strict with yourself. Motherhood is the art of balancing and I’m just trying to move forward step by step! ”

The beautiful brunette has created her own line of baby care products, “Kylie Baby”, which includes shampoos, conditioners, bubble baths, towels and travel toiletry bags. Kylie admitted that the new venture is a dream come true.

In an interview with “” she said: “My dream was to create safe and effective products that would be a gift for my children.”

“When I became a mother, I was wondering what products would be best for my daughter’s hair and skin. This is how I came up with the idea of ​​creating a line of baby products with a safe formula that would be gentle and suitable for all skin and hair types, while maintaining high quality. ”

Travis, 30, recently confessed that he and Kylie give Stormi the choice of making her own decisions or following their rules.

He said, “She’s awake now because she should be going to sleep. We try to have a more natural approach to parenting and exercise self-discipline. ”

“[Mówimy jej] ‘OK, you know you have to go to bed at nine. Are you going to stay awake until eleven or are you going to sleep now? ”

There are indications that this approach to parenting works because Stormi usually does what she is told.

Travis quipped, “It’s fun to hear him say, ‘I’m going to sleep!’

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