Kylie Jenner says she wants to lose weight acquired in quarantine

Kylie Jennerthat has just released a collection to do with Kendall Jenner revealed that he wants to lose weight acquired in quarantine. Using video shot in January in Instagram, Kylie showed the body in a bikini.

“OK, I got rid of my scales of quarantine tomorrow”wrote in the post, while he showed his crooked mirrors.

If we are talking about life, fitness, Kylie, 22 years old, has joined her sister in their workouts. After welcome Stormiin 2018, one source close to the celebrity told E! News that she loves to do “very workout HIIT (high intensity interval, the transfer interval of high intensity) and the need to be constantly changing movement” and exercise with her sisters ends with the fact that “events in the family, very fun in the morning”.

“She likes warming up with her sisters, and they are very motivated”said the man, who at the stars. But, according to the source, Jenner is a big fan of exercise in General.

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