Kylie Jenner showed her stomach again. Fans: sexy mom

Kylie Jenner
Author: Rex Features / East News

Kylie Jenner was fair to the fans and kept the word she gave some time ago. She promised that being in her next pregnancy, she would keep her fans informed about what was going on with her and, above all, she would not hide this fact from them! Kylie kept her word and once again published a photo with a growing belly!

Kylie Jenner her first pregnancy was confirmed only when her daughter Stormi was already in the world. Disappointed fans couldn’t believe that Kylie was hiding such important information from them.

Kylie said she would never do it again, and if she was pregnant again, the world would know it from her.

How does Doda see the perfect relationship? A telling hint, not only for HER guy!

And as she said so she did. The second photo of Kylie has already appeared on Instagram, showing her growing belly. Earlier, the celebrity also informed via social media in a charming video that she and rapper Travis Scott were expecting a second child.

The celebrity’s Instagram has a second photo where she discovers her belly. The delighted fans reacted immediately:

You’re so pretty 😍💖

– Internet users were delighted.

Kylie Jenner wore a long coat, pants and a short top. Fans in the comments asked her to publish this type of photos as often as possible.

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