Kylie Jenner showed what she was eating all day. Delicious menu

Kylie Jenner
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Fans of Kylie Jenner could expect their favorite to enjoy meals at the highest level. Now the celebrity showed them her sample menu from the whole day on Tik Toku. It turns out that most of the dishes that Jennerka eats during the day can be easily prepared at home. The star’s nutrition is based on healthy, fresh products.

For the impeccable figures of the sisters Kardashian-Jenner it consists of many factors – lifestyle, regular exercise, help from coaches and a good diet. The latter is often interesting to fans who wonder what the stars really eat on a daily basis. Do they allow themselves to have a pizza sometimes, or do they always keep an eye on the calories? Kylie Jenner has just opened the veil of secrecy.

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Kylie Jenner knows how to attract internet users to your social media. When Snapchat was king in the network, it was there that Kylie showed what she did all day. In the era The tick of Toka She also found herself great, and her profile is slowly climbing the ladder of the most popular ones. It is on Tik Toku by Kylie Jenner showed her menu.


All Kylie Jenner meals

So what does he eat Kylie Jenner? For breakfast, the celebrity ate yogurt with muesli, blueberries, strawberries and mint leaves on that day, and drank delicious matcha latte. After breakfast it was time for lunch with coconut water and a salad of roasted almonds, sesame, greens, cabbage and light dressing. This time, Kylie chose grapes and water with lemon and a mineral-rich supplement for the snack. It’s time for dinner. Here, Kylie ate cheese pasta with salad and asparagus. And for dessert – cookies!

Watch the video – does it look delicious?

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