Kylie Jenner will have a son? Fans almost sure! And what does a celebrity say?

Kylie Jenner
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Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott will soon welcome their son in the world? Internet users are almost sure of this. The only question is how do they know it, since even Kylie herself does not know the child’s gender …

Since Kylie Jenner confirmed the pregnancy, fans are waiting for more photos with the belly, and the media is waiting for Kylie to confirm the sex of the baby. The problem is that there is still no confirmation from the celebrity, but Internet users know perfectly well that a boy will be born. At least they think they know …

Kylie Jenner is about to launch a new line of cosmetics for babies and toddlers. Blue is the predominant color in the graphic design of the products. For some fans, this is clear proof, Kylie is expecting a boy!

Kylie Jenner will have a son ?! Fans say they know the gender of the baby

The problem is that, according to the celebrity’s latest assurances, even she does not know the gender of the second child yet …

Well, first we need to know the gender.

– she said, answering a question from Vogue magazine whether the couple had already chosen a name for the baby.

Internet users probably hurried up a bit with their theory. But who knows, maybe they’ll just be able to guess …

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