Kylie Jenner with a new cosmetics collection. All products tested by … 3-year-old Stormi!

Kylie Jenner, Stormi
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Kylie Jenner has created a cosmetic empire called Kylie Cosmetics. A celebrity pays all her attention to the brand, and even engages her loved ones, and age literally does not matter here. A new collection of cosmetics will appear in a few days. Stormi herself tested the products!

It seems that Kylie Jenner he wants to instill in his own from an early age A 3-year-old daughter love for cosmetics. Who knows, maybe he already sees his successor in the little girl.

Either way, there is no laziness and everyone has some responsibilities. Even little Stormi!

Jennerka announced that she will soon introduce a new line to the market, which will be dedicated to infants and young children. And yet no one will test products as well as a person from the same age group, right?

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No wonder Kylie came up with the idea of ​​involving her daughter in the project.

The line will be called Kylie Baby and will offer skin and hair care products for children.

Since I became a mother, my dream has been to develop clean, safe, effective and conscious care for a child. I know we all want the absolute best for our kids, so making this line completely vegan and hypoallergenic was very important to me.

– said Kylie, who assured that for a long time she had been working with chemists on a perfect, delicate formula.

Kylie also ensured that all cosmetics were tested by a trusted person. This is 3-year-old Stormi. Apparently, these were the only products she used for grooming in the last two years.

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He has his own office where he does his errands.

– Kylie said about her 3-year-old daughter.

Kylie Baby cosmetics on sale from September 28.

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