Kylie Jenner’s daughter looks like little Travis Scott. This similarity cannot be hidden

Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner and Stormi
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Stormi Webster turned three in February and you can see more and more a resemblance to her famous parents. When the girl was smaller, fans discussed for a long time who she inherited her beauty from. In the latest photo of Stormi, shared by Kylie Jenner, it’s hard not to notice that it’s little Travis!

Kylie Jenner until a few years ago, she could not have imagined that her favorite leisure companion would be her own daughter. The celebrity was long considered a not particularly family fan of partying, so when she suddenly disappeared from the radars in 2017 and the media began to report that she might be pregnant, many speculated that she might not find her motherhood well.

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It is known today that those comments were incorrect. Kylie Jenner was passionate with great love to her daughter and today she loves to brag to fans at times with her daughter and show how she is growing up. The father of the child was equally positively surprised by the world, Travis Scott. The rapper also found a passion for fatherhood and – although he is no longer with Kylie Jenner – gives his best in caring for Stormi.

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Stormi like a little dad

In February, Stormi celebrated her third birthday. The girl is getting bigger and more and more visible which of the parents she resembles more. AND Kylie Jenner apparently, she cares for the best in her, both from mum and dad – the celebrity often dresses her daughter like herself, and this time she made her … Travis Scott.

In new photos on Instagram Kylie Jenner Stormi’s hair is braided in characteristic plaits, and she is wearing boy’s cargo pants and a loose T-shirt. Had to put next Travis Scottwould look exactly like him!

See for yourself:

What father, such daughter?

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