Kylie Minogue unrecognizable: she surprises by adopting a radically different hair color

Kylie Minogue is that you? This Sunday, August 6, the Australian star surprised her Instagram subscribers by revealing herself with a brand new hair color. Goodbye blonde! The singer has adopted a radical coloring and she is totally unrecognizable.

We have always known Kylie Minogue blonde hair. Since her debut at the end of the 80s, the Australian singer has displayed the same blond luminous. A rare fidelity when you have such a wide hair choice. Today, we tend to change color according to our desires, the season or even the trends of the moment. And why deprive yourself! There are so many cannon colors who can highlight us. But the interpreter Spinning around always preferred rester close to its natural tonality. Till today. At 55, would the star have finally wanted to change?

This Sunday, August 6, Kylie Minogue surprised Instagram showing up with a brand new hair color. And the one who returned to the top of the charts thanks to her new song padam padam did not do things by halves. She has in fact changed radically by adopting a hair color opposite to its natural shade. Bye bye the soft blonde that suited her so well. In a video posted on her account, Kylie Minogue reveals herself with the raven black hair. The singer also changed her hairstyle at the same time since she also wears very smooth and very long hair. A hair transformation that clearly leaves the Australian unrecognizable. So unrecognizable, moreover, that she looks more like another singing superstar than herself.

In the comments, several Kylie Minogue fans pointed out that with this intense black hair color, she looked madly like Madonna at the time of her title Frozen. The Madonna had indeed also gone brown in 1998 and it is true that the resemblance is striking. The hair transformation of Kylie Minogue is however even more shocking, this jet black clashing with the complexion and the clear eyebrows of the Australian. It is therefore not necessarily the hair color that suits him best. Fortunately, this is only a temporary transformation. On the cover of the latest issue of Perfect magazine, the interpreter of Can’t get your out of my head adopted the brown only the time of a photo shoot thanks to a wig. But as soon as the pictures were taken and the video made, Kylie Minogue quickly took that intense black out of her head and found her flattering blonde.

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