L-Gante and Jamaica’s Tamara Baez’s emotional reunion: “She’s my daughter now”

El Gante, Jamaica, emotional reunion with Tamara Báez: “She’s my daughter now”

The best news came just over three months after being incarcerated at DDI in Quilmes. Elian Valenzuelaknown as L-Ghent. This Friday night, the Cumbia 420 singer, who was charged with unlawful deprivation of liberty and possession of a firearm, was released.

Jamaica's L Gent and Tamara together again 3 months after artist's detention (Instagram)
Jamaica’s L Gent and Tamara together again 3 months after artist’s detention (Instagram)

After getting out of prison, the first thing the artist did was speak briefly to the press who were waiting for him at the exit and headed home to be reunited with his daughter. Jamaica.was Tamara Baezthe girl’s ex-girlfriend and mother, was instrumental in making the photos and videos of the emotional and much-awaited family moment visible to all users.

Photo of daughter and El Gante shared by Tamara Baez (Instagram)
Photo of daughter and El Gante shared by Tamara Baez (Instagram)

Through her Instagram account, which has more than 500,000 followers, Tamara posted a video of herself in Jamaica showing her father her new pink skateboard. “Well then, yes girl.”, the influencer wrote, in which the artist can be seen chatting with a small baby who points to a sticker on a toy. Shortly after, Baez uploaded a selfie of her and the three of them, and was thrilled to see her again. At the end, he shared a photo of El Gante and his little daughter, both smiling, and wrote: “My baby is very happy.”

The first thing El Gante did after getting out of prison was change his look – ‘The Court of Freedom’

It was also around 4 o’clock in the morning. L-Gang-tae had his friend’s barber come to his house to give him a look and shave. “After you get out of prison, your freedom will be taken away. Now, let’s take on the world, paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa from a prison, freedom is taken away., was uploaded to the Dajaga Barbershop official Instagram account, showing the new look step by step. The singer reposted the song on his Stories, thanking the company they gave him, and also adding messages from colleagues, fans, and acquaintances who were happy for his release.

Around 11pm. On Friday, the artist left the prison and spoke to waiting reporters. “More than anything, I’m here to reflect on myself, to make better use of my time, to think in a positive way, and to know that justice will always be served,” the musician said, flanked by his lawyer. Diego Stolt and his manager, maxi the brother. “I’ve used the time I’ve been here to make myself stronger mentally, to take care of myself a little bit more, to not give opportunities to the bad things and to not mess around with all the things I like. ” the singer said in a statement reported on C5N Signal. And he ended with a phrase that epitomizes his musical style. “Cumbia 420 for black people”

Elian retired to a standing ovation with his fingers clasped in a V shape as cameras and fans tried to capture the moment. Wearing black and green sportswear, a white hat and a new goatee, he sat next to his manager in the back seat of the car and honked his horn in celebration, with Stolt still at the wheel. I started to retreat. Unless there is a last minute change, L-Gang-tae will spend the first few days after his freedom at the representative’s house.

The singer’s mother was present at the event and answered questions from reporters. Claudia Valenzuelareceived the love of the musician’s fans. “It took forever, but it’s over now. Happy”, The woman managed to say this before walking away in tears amid cheers of congratulations. It must be remembered that the musician was in preventive detention in the aforementioned unit for a case of unlawful deprivation of liberty and intimidation against him, to which was added another case of aggravated concealment.

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