La Jornada – Millais warns in Davos that ‘the West is in danger of socialism’

Davos. Argentine President Javier Milley told world elites gathered at Davos on Wednesday that “the West is in danger” and that he believes values ​​”are combined with a worldview that inevitably leads to socialism.”

In his international debut as Argentina’s president, Milley presented his liberal ideas at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss Alpine resort against the so-called “political class” who want to “preserve their privileges”.

He also said that “radical feminism contributes nothing to society” because it leads to “state intervention that hinders economic processes and provides jobs for bureaucrats,” and blamed the “tragedy of abortion.”

After becoming president more than a month ago, Mire unleashed a raft of ultra-liberal measures by decree in inflation-plagued Argentina, sparking intrigue and curiosity in Davos.

He added in his speech that social justice was “inherently unfair” because “the state is financed through taxes, which are imposed by force,” and ended with this message to those present: “Don’t Intimidated by political castes or parasites you are the benefactors, heroes and creators of a period of prosperity we have never experienced before.”

Before he stepped in, he had a “brilliant” meeting with British Foreign Secretary David Cameron and discussed the Malvinas Islands, an archipelago in the South Atlantic that was the site of a 74-day war in 1982 place of occurrence. 649 Argentines and 255 Britons died.

“We discussed deepening commercial relations and putting the Malvinas Islands on the agenda,” the Argentine president said.

In a 2013 referendum in the territory of just 2,000 residents, 99.8% of voters voted in favor of remaining under British control. For Britain this is a settled issue, but Argentina has claimed the islands since 1833.

Meet Georgieva

Your views on some issues may conflict with the views defended in this forum. For example, it denies that human activity causes climate change.

The ultra-liberal and far-right economist said before leaving that he had received more than 60 requests to meet with him in Davos. “I can’t physically respond to a request like that,” he said.

He did, however, arrange a meeting with Kristalina Georgieva, managing director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Argentina owes $44 billion to the International Monetary Fund, which welcomed Milley’s decision to lift price controls on some commodities.

He noted on the plane that the purpose of the meeting was to “continue the discussion and clarify our belief in this change marked by the new administration.”

Georgieva told a Bloomberg event in Davos on Tuesday that Argentina’s government is making progress and acting “very aggressively” to address the country’s “shortcomings.”

Protests and general strikes

Meanwhile, in Argentina, social movements are protesting almost daily against measures taken by the Mire government in the face of a general strike called for next Wednesday by the country’s largest trade union center, the General Confederation of Labor (CGT). The environment is tense due to skyrocketing prices.

The inflation rate in December reached 25.5%, and the inflation rate for 2023 will reach 211%

Within more than a month after taking office on December 10, Mire suspended public works, did not renew state labor contracts, cut ministries in half, devalued the peso by more than 50%, and liberalized and eliminated fuel prices. Control, abolishing laws regulating rents and free imports.

Its two main projects, divided into a mega-decree with 366 articles and a so-called “omnibus law” with 664 articles, are currently being analyzed by Congress.

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