La Jornada – Mire’s speech in Davos caused shock in Argentina and abroad

Buenos Aires. Extreme trader President Javier Millay’s speech at the Davos conference caused not only negative surprises but also shock at home and abroad, in a country where signatures have been signed calling for the president to be impeached for his incompetence. This has an impact on the debate in the House of Representatives on the Decree of Necessity and Urgency (DNU) and the Omnibus Law, which aims to amend the constitution in a matter of weeks and cause Argentina to implode.

Milei’s popularity is accelerating, and last month data showed that the country is on the verge of a recession, but Milei is worried because she spends her days on X (formerly Twitter), where she writes, When does receiving and replying to messages govern? Who is the real ruler? These are the questions that have come up in the last few days.

The most shameful response, bordering on pornographic, was the message Elon Musk sent him congratulating him on his speech, which, as he said, he Page 12 He whispered in his ear that he was overly interested in Argentina, especially Antarctica and lithium. Musk shared a photo of a man having sex on social networks, but he found it exciting to watch Mire speak at the Davos forum. “The image of Millay as a sex stimulant is another example of South Africa’s millionaire craze for the far-right president,” he said. Page 12.

State workers taking part in a strike next Wednesday will not be paid, the government has announced. Security Minister Patricia Bullrich threatens with her illegal security protocols, but every day more departments join the march and persist in protest.

When Milei spoke in Davos, the dollar surged, reaching 1,300 pesos against the peso. December sales fell 6 percentage points from November’s growth, rising just 1.4%. There was a meltdown in the community and sales at the big box stores dropped by half.

This uncertainty adds to the misery of a large segment of the population who must choose between food and transport, while thousands of families will have to take to the streets because they cannot rent apartments, many of which are is provided in US dollars. The cost of the family basket increased to half a million pesos. There are thousands more people who are unable to earn a basic basket of money.

Expectations for Javier Milley’s government continue to fall, with his positive image falling by more than five points a month after taking office. “This is not the only area where he suffers setbacks: 47% believe that the head of state has an authoritarian attitude, 56% oppose changes to labor legislation and 48.4% reject the privatization of state companies.” As if that were not enough, he added , Resolution 533, which states that the economy should not be dollarized, was a major campaign proposal. Page 12.

Only a third think the government is specifically accommodating “political castes.” More than 52% believe that for Milei, “caste” is workers and retirees.

Despite the growing number of legal claims to deal with, Daniel Ritchie, general secretary of the University Teachers’ Union, said: “At the heart of the ‘foundation’ law (omnibus law) the government is seeking to approve in parliament is that it breaches labor rights and Attempts to destroy what Argentines consider jobs “are also workers’ constitutional guarantees.”

The recently formed Cultural Sovereignty Front announced that it will hold a day this Saturday to reject the Democratic Alliance and Omnibus Law projects, hold an “emergency book fair” and emphasize that “the wealth of a nation is its culture” and that “books Less means poorer.”

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