La Jornada – Thousands march against far right in Germany

Berlin. Thousands of people demonstrated in Germany on Sunday after it was revealed that the far-right Alternative for Germany party, which is rising in opinion polls, was planning mass deportations of foreigners.

Police said in a statement that about “10,000 protesters” marched through the streets of the Berlin suburb of Potsdam, where the Alternative for Germany and neo-Nazis gathered in late November to discuss the plan.

The demonstration was attended by Social Democratic Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his Green Party counterpart Annalena Berbock.

In Berlin, as in other cities across the country, “thousands of people” gathered around the Brandenburg Gate under the slogan “Defend democracy”, according to police.

The demonstrations came after a news investigation by German outlet Correctiv revealed that members of the Alternative for Germany discussed plans with neo-Nazis to deport foreigners or expatriates from Germany.

Martin Sellner, co-founder of the Austrian Identity Movement (IBÖ), has proposed a plan to send up to 2 million people to North Africa, including asylum seekers, foreigners and German citizens who do not already have “Assimilation” into North Africa.

The Alternative for Germany is performing well in opinion polls, with voting intentions ranging from 21% to 23% nationwide.

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