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Apart from the awards, the 20th anniversary of the recognition was celebrated with the participation of the winners of various editions. The event was held on Wednesday, April 19 at the Alliance Française.

Speaking on the occasion, Eduardo Felipo, President-Engineer of the National Council of Science and Technology (CONACIT), said that this type of initiative is very important for the future of young people who want to venture into the field of science. On the other hand, he thanked the institutions that run the award that promote Franco-Paraguayan friendship. “I congratulate the winners for the efforts they have made to achieve innovative projects that contribute to education and the development of the country,” said the Minister-Chairman.

While Mr. Pierre-Christian Sokoza, Ambassador of the French Republic, expressed his pride to be part of the organization of the prize, as the trajectory of these 20 years has seen the interest and discipline towards scientific research. Contributing in this way to the scientific progress of Paraguay.

On the other hand, MEC’s ​​Deputy Education Minister, Celeste Manquiello, said that these two decades of the award represent effort and teamwork to leave a mark and contribute to the knowledge society. “Participating in this type of place implies sacrifice and commitment to the children, and it is a commitment to contribute more to science,” he said.

In conclusion, the first place winners, Asmid Ymbe and Matthias Pasternak, expressed their gratitude to everyone involved in the Pierre et Marie Curie Prize and highlighted the importance of participating in this type of activity, as they become more autonomous, responsible and competent. managed to be Promoted independent and research business in them.

The award honors Pierre and Marie Curie, who received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 for their research on the phenomenon of radiation. It should be noted that, as every year, this initiative, in addition to encouraging young national talents, constitutes an activity that strengthens relations between the Republic of Paraguay and France.

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