La Peña de la Ciudad, every Sunday brings together more artists from around the region

Simone Morales, The Young Corner Accordionist.

Another colorful Sunday brought with it Peña de la Ciudad, which in each edition expands the horizons of its artists and which once again receives proposals from regional musicians, offered by the municipality in the so-called Poncho Verde roundabout. joined ( Pujol Avenue). between Rocca and Pellegrini).

Crowds once again surround the local stage, residents and tourists alike come to enjoy the best of folk music in town where dance also takes center stage. With the participation of various dancers from traditionalist academies and institutions, the dancer is already a classic of Peña de la Ciudad.

“We are very satisfied with the proposal, every Sunday call surprises us more and more,” said Raul, taking into account that the municipality presents many proposals to the residents on Sundays, there were many events at once and People used to come to enjoy the club.” Time. Baez, in charge of organizing the club.

Peña Martín was from the native dance academy of Fierro de Resistencia and from the malambo sport, which proposed various choreographic images, a proposal very well received by the public. Among the companions and many people with their chairs in the roundabout, the show featured the youth presence of Simón Morales and his group. The little accordionist, in this case a native of Esquina, proposed a handful of songs, which immediately populated the Penera track with a couple.

In a perfect night to enjoy an activity in the open air, Chama’s Trio also joins the day, accompanied by outstanding performers such as Franco Almiron and Luciano Ferretti, both on guitar, and Pablo Ayala on bandoneon.

In addition, original artists from Sáenz Peña (Chaco) were present, such as the Instincto Folklore group, which performed a range of classic works from the popular songbook, inviting rounds of zamba and chacarera, where handkerchiefs took center stage among the dancers. Took the stage Place.

Later and in the same tune, the Recreo Folk Project, also from the neighboring town of Saenz Peña, took the stage, which showed the interpretive excellence of its member musicians.

One of the emotional moments of the night was the appearance of the Selva Guarani Municipal Artists, who brought a repertoire filled with polka and Guarani as part of the celebration of Mother’s Day in the neighboring country of Paraguay. For the finale, the main course was a dance proposal performed by the popular group Los Karai del Chamme, which got everyone in the habit of tapping and of course Sapucai did not wait, reflecting the atmosphere of joy and celebration. Was. at Place. It should be noted that on offer was a fair of artisans and gastronomy that allowed visitors to enjoy the art and taste the excellent cuisine, typical of the regional menu. The show was broadcast live on the YouTube channel of the Corrientes Municipality.

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