La Russa freewheeling on Rete4, the president of the Senate: «Boldrini? But what a win … I’ll tell you my first impression of Meloni “

In his new role as President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa says he wants to commit himself to having “the same respect for the majority and the opposition. It will be fair but, without scandal, I will remain the same La Russa ». And the intervention a Front and back su Rete4 confirms the intentions of the second position of the State, which has no intention of leaving the role of the executive of FdI. Just as, he explains, illustrious predecessors had done before him: «I remember ForlaniCasini, Fini, who played their role as leaders even as presidents of the Chamber ». And the first trip, more as an FdI executive than as president of the Senate, La Russa dedicates it to the former Speaker of the Chamber Laura Boldrini: “But what a success, there is no reason … Then on male and female use … He would like to capatrena … I understand that they are not happy, I understand less the inability to respond to theses with other theses, instead of criminalizing ours… ». River of compliments instead for Giorgia Meloni, whose first impression she remembers: «It was that she was very pretty: not very tall, but a beautiful girl. Then it didn’t take long to figure out that she had her numbers. ” And then she remembers the first steps she took with the premier in the new party: «When we founded FdI we set no limits. One thing, yes, we wanted the thinking of the political right to be secured. In the PDL we felt in a house that was no longer ours: with that choice we saved the house Italian political right“.

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