La Sapienza, students occupy the faculty of political science for one night: “The rector resigns, no to the police in the universities”

Two days after the clashes with the police following the protests of the students for a conference organized by University Action, a Wisdom from Romewhich saw the participation of the deputy of the Brothers of Italy, Fabio Roscaniand the journalist former spokesman for Forza Italia, Daniele Capezzonea hundred students has busy for one night, between 27 and 28 October, Aula A of the Faculty of Political Sciences.

“It was a spontaneous action after the assembly called to discuss the events of October 25th – explains Filippo from the collective Change course – there is a serious problem of democratic spaces and there is a serious problem of police violence which now also affects universities. ” Next to the request for never let the police in again within the University, students ask for resignation immediate of director Antonella Polimeni, for a failure, they say, to take a clear stance against police violence. On the day of the centenary of the march on Rome, the students also reaffirm that the university is anti-fascist and ask to become the protagonists of their studies. “What happened must be a starting point – adds Sofia of the political science collective – we want another university where gender and environmental issues are addressed, which are the most urgent topics for us.”

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