La Spezia report cards – Nzola looks like Lukaku, Bourabia is a dam. Sticks fundamental

Final result: Spezia-Empoli 1-0

Dragowski 6.5 – Not even the time to get used to that already Gotti gives him all the confidence he needs, starting him from the beginning in the first championship. The Pole responds well, with a very solid performance, in which he closes the door several times at Empoli.

Caldara 6.5 – Very mobile, he accompanies almost like an added full-back every offensive maneuver of the eagles, also becoming dangerous with a header from Reca’s cross. Defensively he is pretty clean, with only one smudge at the start of the match, when Destro slyly mocked him and went close to scoring.

Kiwior 6.5 – The high balls are all his, play a good match without big smudges.

Nikolaou 6.5 – He is the true leader of the defense. He leads his teammates almost by remote control, towering in defense, even on a physical level.

Gyasi 6.5 – Warned after a few minutes, plays conditioned by the yellow, pushing little and concentrating more not to give the field to Parisi on the left. In the first half he is rather shy, but in the second half he rises in level, practically not conceding anything in the wing and unraveling several dangerous occasions. From 75 ‘Strelec sv

Agudelo 6 – Not always in the heat of action, he risks a lot by losing a bloody ball in midfield, which leads to a dangerous conclusion by Bajrami. Some good things but also some mistakes, with a crescendo ending anyway. From 90 ‘Ellertsson sv

Bourabia 7.5 – After a very complicated year, the former Sassuolo returns to Serie A with a great desire for redemption, playing a practically perfect match. He gives balance to Gotti’s team, recovering many balls, including the one that starts the action of Nzola’s goal. Intelligent in managing the ball, he fences the Empoli midfield. A dam. From the 90 ‘Sala sv

Sticks 7 – Very aggressive right from the start, the pair with Reca works great, giving a lot of danger to Spezia on the left. He recovers many balls, is precious in the finishing phase and needs the assist for the goal of Nzola’s advantage. Heart and lungs of the Ligurian midfield, the race ends exhausted but winning.

It bears 6.5 – On the left is a moped. He runs at breakneck speed, dangerously going to the cross several times and also looking for personal action on a couple of occasions, in which he is rejected by Vicario. From fifth, he is much more loose, it is no coincidence that most of the dangerous ones are born from his area. From 75 ‘Holm sv

Green 5.5 – A little in the shadows, the physicality of Zanetti’s team suffers, which does not give him much range of action. With a couple of touches, however, he sows panic, even if he is less incisive than usual. From 60 ‘ Ekdal 5.5 – The debut at the Peak is not exactly unforgettable. He struggles with an Empoli all aimed at the attack, also thanks to a condition not yet at its best.

Nzola 7.5 – The championship goal at the Peak had been missing for 450 days, from the double-salvation made against Turin in the first year of A. Eight days after the double, again at the Peak, against Como, Nzola still responds present, leading the advanced department of the team of Gotti and unlocking the game from 9 true, with a good physical work before a lightning right that leaves no chance for Vicario. Performance Lukakiana, physically dominant and as a team man. Much of the Spezia season will also pass by him, who for the moment seems more and more within the white team’s project every day.

Luca Gotti 7 – A better start was frankly impossible. After the five goals at Como he makes him the first match for salvation, with a cynical, intense, attentive performance and with a lot of heart. He has had the merit of believing in Nzola since his first day and for now M’Bala is agreeing with him. Three heavy points, which allow the Ligurians to start the championship in the best possible way.

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