La Trois unveils its new products for the start of the 2023 school year

The story of a life told every Friday, with portraits of artists, of athletes, policies. THE September 15 a portrait dedicated to Ryan Goslingwho made headlines this summer with his role as Ken in the film “Barbie” and who managed to string together successful films, while preserving his private life.

Waiting for season 5 of “Stranger things”, La Trois offers you a portrait of Winona RyderHollywood’s anti-heroine” an actress who dragged an image of sensitive woman, fragile and even crazy. At 17, she was already one of the greats, until she was sentenced for shoplifting. Today, in her forties, this anti-heroine is back thanks to this science fiction series.

La Trois is also interested in the personalities of yesterday and offers you tribute portraits as “And Vlan pass me Fernand” devoted to Auvergne comedy, Fernand Raynaudwho died 50 years ago or a portrait ofEdith Piaf on the occasion of 60 years of his disappearance.

“Plan Cult” changes evening

From now on, Félicien Bogaerts’ cultural agenda will be broadcast on Fridays at 10:20 p.m. His first guest will be the comedian and actor Francois-Xavier Demaison.

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