“La Vida Es Sueño” to Premiere May 27 at Teatro La Plaza News

The Spanish classic La Vida es Sueño by Calderón de la Barca comes to La Plaza as part of its 20th anniversary event. The play was adapted by Els Vandell and directed by Fito Valles. It opens May 27 and will be showing at The Billboard at the Larcomar Theater on Saturday and Sunday.

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The actors are Fabian Alva, Carolina Cano, Johan Escalante, Joaquin Escobar, Marco Flozu, Ramon García, Gustavo Meyer, Mayra Nazar and Diego Pérez. the hero of the montageWhich is suitable for children above 6 years old.

“The classics live through time, they have traveled through different generations and that is why it is of our interest that even children can discover it. Life is a dream is a job that has a lot of adventureThe right ingredients to tell this story in an agile, playful and fun way, of course, without giving up the depth of the texts that the author gives us, to find those moments that end up being very touching ”, Fito Wallace specifies.

Life is a Dream is the story of a rebellious girlHis witty friend and horse is none other than him who arrives in Poland in search of the Prince of Muscovy, who has fled his country to fix a serious problem.

However, on their way to the Royal Palace they discover a young man named Segismundo, locked up in a tower, deprived of his freedom by order of the king, a very superstitious man. What decision will this king take regarding the future of the kingdom?

“Directing this play for the whole family has been a beautiful challenge, as it has demanded our creativity and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. we want to project towards families“, specifies the director of the staging.

“Everyone can watch this show and we hope that later they will be able to find space for it discuss various aspects that Segismundo’s story provides us, who will understand that, whether in dreams or in reality, doing good is important”, says Wallace.

“Finally, and by no means least important, the aesthetics of the montage are intended to bring us closer to our most primary resources, Create universes with ingredients within reach of the little one This is what we really want with the theatre”, highlights the director of the production.

The work is a fun and magical adventure that takes place between the lucid dream and the reality of its protagonist, awakening the values ​​of self-love, confidence, family communication And of course, the connection with destiny.

Life is the dream, which lives in time, It has eco-friendly visuals and changing rooms made from recycled materials.

tickets to see the play, in which a 75 minutes durationThey are available for sale on the La Plaza website and at the theater ticket office.

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Posted: 5/26/2023

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