Lacey Wildd, TV star: “To become an extreme Barbie I spent 1 million dollars”

Lacey Wildd, American TV personality, since the age of 24 has had 19 breast surgeries, 12 lip surgeries, eyebrow lifts, several nose jobs, two butt lifts, as well as tummy tucks, body lifts and skin expanders.

Now 54, he says he spent over a million dollars. She must sleep turned at least 30 degrees “or I feel suffocated.” She is the fault of the breasts, which weighed 19 kilos.

Here is his story

Lacey Wildd is an American TV personality whose Daily Star has now told the singular story: that of a woman who wanted to transform herself, she says, into an “extreme Barbie”, with XXXL curves.

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The Story of Lacey Wildd

Born Paula Simonds, she married when she was just 16, divorcing five years later, having had two children. First waitress, she wanted to start changing her appearance from brown to blond. Nothing abnormal, she will tell herself. But in her the idea of ​​changing her decidedly took another form.

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Since the age of 24, she has undergone 19 breast surgeries, 12 lip surgeries, eyebrow lifts, several nose jobs, two buttock lifts, as well as tummy tucks, body lifts and skin expanders. You spent around a million dollars.

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Of course «when I started undergoing plastic surgery, I didn’t expect to become the human Barbie. I didn’t know it was going to happen.” Her success comes late, when in 2011 she participates together with her daughter Tori in the MTV documentary series, True Life, in an episode entitled I Have a Hot Mom.

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Influencers and TV stars

In fact, she then participated in some B-Movies, various TV and reality shows and is now an influencer with 309,000 followers. She also lies on Onlyfans.

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And he swears: «My life revolves around my breasts». Except that, having been magnified, she is forced to sleep turned at least 30 degrees, otherwise, she assures, she feels suffocated. It’s not hard to imagine why: according to the American media, her breasts weigh 42 pounds, the equivalent of 19 kilos.

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The social diva also claims to be a psychic, so much so that she calls herself Ghostbusty. He says: «I had near-death experiences as a child and I think that’s what gave me these abilities. I once refused to get into a car which then crashed and the passenger died.’ She does not care, she assures, what others think: “I have always lived my life as I wanted”.

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